Humanity, filtered and highlighted through the lens of international photographer Alex Majoli, will be the protagonist of the exhibition “Chronicles” kicking off July 15 at the former Convento del Carmine in Modica, organized by the Garibaldi Theater Foundation, under the patronage of the Municipality of Modica and the Sicilian Region.

Curated by art critic Paolo Nifosì and superintendent Tonino Cannata, the exhibition presents a series of tableaux, with stand-alone photographs, triptychs, polyptychs, and photographic sequences of men, women, children, and the elderly photographed over the last 30 years. What emerges is pain, walls, borders, the weak, the poor, the marginalized, violence, wars, migrations, power, ideologies, faiths, and suffering. Known for his reports made in areas of conflict in various parts of the world, in Modica, Majoli tells the story of people and their relationship with the world, which in his photos are leading actors in the theatricality of existence, in which each one “plays” their part.


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