Fujifilm and Magnum present a new series by four photographers around the theme “Connection.” Each photographer approaches this universal and open theme in a personal and artistic manner while remaining true to the codes of documentary photography. Peter van Agtmael explores France, far from conflict zones and his homeland, with the intention of creating a new home for himself. Carolyn Drake continues her “Glorify Yourself” project to draw attention to the systems of desires and illusions that hold sway over the sociopolitical structures of her country. Lorenzo Meloni focuses on the transformation of the environment by humans in the name of progress. Lúa Ribeira questions her role as a mother and her own maternal instinct by photographing her child in the arms of strangers.

The photographers will continue these series on-site during the opening week with a unique Live Commission, inviting the public to engage with their work. The photographs taken in Arles will be added to the collective exhibition.

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