This summer, Magnum photographers Lorenzo Meloni, Lúa Ribeira, Peter van Agtmael, and Carolyn Drake participate in an exhibition and Live Commission titled Connection, curated by Phillip Ebeling and organized by Fujifilm. Coinciding with the exhibition opening on July 1, Fujifilm and Magnum have organized a series of talks with each of the participating photographers, and a guest appearance from Magnum president Cristina de Middel. 

Meloni presents Revelation, an ongoing series that explores the transformation of the environment by humans in the name of progress. Ribeira discusses Subida al Cielo, which features five intermingling bodies of work made between 2016 and 2020. Van Agtmael presents a personal chronicle of post-9/11 America, at war and at home in Look at the U.S.A. Carolyn Drake shares her work from Men Untitled, a series of photographs exploring her relationship to myths of masculinity in American culture. Cristina de Middel talks through Journey to the Center, a series that borrows the atmosphere and structure of the Jules Verne book Journey to the Center of the Earth to present the Central America migration route across Mexico as a heroic and daring journey rather than a runaway.

The talks will take place at the Hôtel Quiqueran de Beaujeu, 16 Rue Des arènes, in Arles.


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