Eight Mentorship Slots

Spend eight one-to-one personal photographic coaching sessions with your selected Magnum Photographer

Pre-Mentorship advice

Presentation by Magnum Educator Amber Terranova on preparing for the mentorship to enable you to get the most out of your time

Platform for your work

Your work will be showcased on the Magnum Learn channels after the end of your mentorship

How does it work?

Through multiple interactive online sessions, this mentorship will help you to identify next steps in the production process of a long term or personal project. Magnum photographers will guide their mentees on all aspects of the creative process: from concept development, and editing and sequencing, to the process of discovering and making a long-term project that you’re passionate about, to practical advice on photographing in the field.

A series of 8 online photography mentoring sessions lasting one hour each, the program will be organized over the course of several months, depending on your preferences and the areas personal to you that require development.

Booking your mentorship

To book, visit the individual mentorship pages by clicking on the mentor's portrait below. Each page details the individual preferences of the mentor and a link to apply for a slot. If your application is accepted, you will participate in a brief interview to determine eligibility and will be notified shortly thereafter. The price of the mentorship is $3600 (incl. tax) to be paid on acceptance of the application.

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