Ochre Space and Magnum Photos are pleased to announce a five-day workshop with Magnum photographers, Carolyn Drake or Sabiha Çimen. This workshop is made possible thanks to the support of Junta de Freguesia da Ajuda.

Join Carolyn Drake or Sabiha Çimen for a five-day workshop from July 8–12 in Lisbon, which will focus on telling intimate stories through visual storytelling.

Through discussions and group crits, you will be asked to create new work on a daily basis in Lisbon. Both Drake and Çimen will be on hand to review your work, offering their feedback, support, and advice.

Under their guidance, you will spend five days roaming through Lisbon, which has a rich history of Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque influences. While exploring the city’s history and culture, you will develop your photographic style, visual language, and storytelling instincts . Lectures and references to photography, books, and film will also contribute to the working process.

Both Çimen and Drake work on long-term and self-reflective projects, and their guidance will enable you to define and experiment with your own practice . This is an opportunity to tackle any questions or doubts you may have around creating a meaningful relationship with a project and drawing out the personal in your work.

Participants will be split into four groups and will be tutored by the photographer of their choice. Each participant will create a new body of work in Lisbon through daily shooting exercises and edit and sequence a project with the help of Çimen or Drake.

“I would like to discuss with you not just how strong your images are, but what new perspective you are offering of your chosen subject. Why are you making images, how does making these images impact you and the world beyond you, what is their place in the wider arena of photography? What choices have you made in terms of process and aesthetics, and why? I don’t expect you to have all these answers, but these are the questions I’d like to discuss with you.”
— Carolyn Drake

“Sometimes we are too involved with our ongoing body of work, either long term or newly started, to see it from the perspective of a second or objective eye. With this workshop, l will try to crystalize the reasons and troubleshoot the problems you may have in moving forward. It may be in your editing process, or in sequencing, or in the aesthetic way you are telling your story. We will engage in long discussions, with tough questions and positive criticism. l will help you find how to make your project better, transforming your emotions into images that you seek. l will push you to discover new things that will make your project truly unique in our world of ubiquitous pictures.”
— Sabiha Çimen

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Payment Plans
We offer the possibility to pay in two installments of €700 each over a two-month period.
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Deadline to book: May 30, 2024

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