The Learn team

will be on-site to organize additional activities such as peer reviews, surgery sessions on funding applications, contracts, negotiating fees, and more. The whole experience will culminate in multiple projections on the streets of Tirana on the final evening, as well as a celebratory dinner.

In a nutshell

Expect to spend a week with like-minded people who share a common interest in photography, as well as a caring atmosphere that allows personal growth, many conversations, encounters, and fun.


Browse the individual program pages below to decide which workshop you would like to join. The workshop fee is €1700 and payment plans are available — we offer the possibility to pay in two installments.

The Workshops

Tirana, Albania April 21–26, 2024
Mark Power
Tirana, Albania April 21–26, 2024
Sohrab Hura
Tirana, Albania April 21–26, 2024
Bieke Depoorter
Tirana, Albania April 21–26, 2024
Newsha Tavakolian
Tirana & Bajram Curri, Albania April 21–26, 2024
Jérôme Sessini
Tirana, Albania April 21–26, 2024
Enri Canaj

Scholarships - Applications closed

Tirana, Albania April 21–26, 2024
Bieke Depoorter, Enri Canaj, Jérôme Sessini, Mark Power, Newsha Tavakolian, Sohrab Hura
Tirana, Albania April 21–26, 2024
Bieke Depoorter, Enri Canaj, Jérôme Sessini, Mark Power, Newsha Tavakolian, Sohrab Hura
TULLA - Culture Center has been a pioneering cultural center in Albania for almost a decade, which has established a respected reputation locally and inter- nationally. Our institution connects art and culture with social activism as an efficient form of creating the highest possible social cohesion, ensuring that marginalized groups have access to art, culture and new technologies. TULLA is a unique platform in Tirana, as its model is defined from its cultural program, context and community. TULLA creates spaces, educates and builds collaborations between kids, students, artists, curators, activists and organiza- tions that have an active role in shaping the future. The aim of the non-formal education program is to specialize young people in the dynamic career path in art, music and technology, as well as for a sustain- able environment-friendly life.
The inauguration of COD (Center for Openness and Dialogue) in Tirana, on July 8, 2015, located in the first floor of the Prime Minister's building, marks a very important moment within the initiative of the Albanian Government to provide free access to public institutions and documents and to make them available to citizens and research institutions, inside and outside the country. COD offers a unique combination of three spaces: a digital hall that offers the public access to the digitized archive of the Prime Minister's Office, which contains thousands of documents, including the decisions of the Council of Ministers and internal correspondence of the institution; a library registered according to international standards, thanks to which COD visitors will have access to thousands of libraries around the world, specialized in the field of politics, the European Union, art, architecture and urban planning; as well as an exhibition hall, in which artistic exhibitions are often organized.
Bulevard Art and Media Institute opened in Tirana in 2021. It is located in the basement of Destil Creative Hub, in the former headquarters of Gazeta Bashkimi, a leading newspaper during the socialist regime. Conceived as an open editorial process, Bulevard’s program is composed of diaries, gossip and letters, with a focus on archival narratives. These manifest as publications, performative happenings, and annual gatherings with artists, archivists, editors, and curators. Bulevard centers education, social justice, intergenerational feminist and queer practices, and the continuous search for spaces in which communities can meet and express themselves freely. Bulevard was co-founded by Sonila Abdalli and Valentina Bonizzi, who share a vision of a shared space.
The application process is operating on a first come first serve basis and participants can be accepted right up until the start of the workshop.
The fee covers: - internal travel to locations Does not cover: - accommodation, - travel to the workshop location, - meals
While we will not make booking arrangements for you, we will send a list of suggested hotels to encourage participants to stay in the same places.
We usually recommend participants to wait for the workshop to reach the minimum number of participants before booking their trips. As soon as the workshop is confirmed, we will send out an email meaning you can book your trip.
As soon as we reach the minimum number of participants we will notify everyone - leaving as much time as possible for you to book transport and accommodation if needed. If you sign up after the minimum number of participants has been reached we will let you know that the workshop is confirmed.
As part of our Terms and conditions, everyone taking a workshop is required to have insurance for the duration of the program.
We recommend everyone to arrive at the latest in the morning of Sunday 21 April and leave at the earliest on Saturday 27 April, 2024.
The remaining balance would need to be paid before the 1st of March 2024.
Applications are open to photographers from Albania or the Balkan countries. 8 scholarships will be offered.
Depending on availability, you can decide to join one of the other Inside>>Out workshops.
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