Werner Bischof (1916–1954) is one of the most significant Swiss photographers of the 20th century. With his dedicated photojournalism and iconic images in striking black-and-white aesthetics, he gained international recognition at an early stage.

Although certain exhibitions and publications have addressed the fact that Bischof also took colour pictures throughout his career, this part of his oeuvre has largely remained unexplored. The exhibition Werner Bischof – Unseen Colour aims to rectify that. It is based on newly discovered archive holdings, which Marco Bischof, son of the photographer, and Tania Kuhn, Werner Bischof Estate, has now made accessible for the first time: several hundred glass negatives from 1939 onwards, which Werner Bischof realised using a Devin Tri-Color camera. The exhibition is a journey through Bischof’s world of colours and showcases a largely unknown area of the work of the great Swiss photographer.

In parallel, Fotostiftung Schweiz and the Rosellina Archive present the exhibition Rosellina – Living for Photography. As a founding member of Fotostiftung Schweiz, Rosellina Burri-Bischof (1925-1986) played a central role in the history of photography in Switzerland.

An exhibition by MASI Lugano and Werner Bischof Estate, in collaboration with Fotostiftung Schweiz.

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